6 February 2021

The new concert recording titled “From Mendelssohn to Shostakovich” will be on from February 7, 2021 at 11.30!

Nayden Todorov is one of the most talented contemporary Bulgarian musicians, who has achieved prominence with his versatile and vivid interpretations of music in different genres. The concert programme will begin with the overture The Hebrides by Mendelssohn, the master composer of the late classical era, and continue with a violin concerto. Midori, who gave her first concert with the New York Philharmonic at the age of just 11 and is considered one of the most successful violinists worldwide following her concert with Leonard Bernstein in Tanglewood, will perform Mendelssohn’s Violin Concerto on her Stradivarius. The concert will conclude with Shostakovich’s musical masterpiece Chamber Symphony for Strings in C minor.

This concert was live broadcast at Borusan Klasik on Thursday, 19 November 2020 and recorded at Borusan Oto İstinye 9.55 Hall.

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