25 March 2022 Fri 20.30

Borusan Music House

20.30 Doors open
21.00 Concert


Full Price: 70 TL (Reserved Seating)
Student: 50 TL

BIPOCARD Classic holders’ respective discount rates of 30% and 20% end after their relevant advance sales periods, after which BIPOCARD Gold and BIPOCARD Classic holders will be entitled to 20% and 10% discount, respectively.

In this visually and audibly impressive concert, Kaan Bulak’s Impromptu meets Ali Demirel’s Rockforms at Borusan Music House. Bulak’s debut album Impromptu focuses on the musical moment, juxtaposing two different perspectives with improvised piano pieces that were recorded in a single take. The subject of Ali Demirel’s Rockforms series is the dynamic interface between the ocean and the land. In this work, which focuses on coastal geography, Demirel captured rock form images together with Barbara Klein on the Cape Otway coast, during a field trip in Australia. Overlaid with different seascapes captured around the world, the artist is looking at solid and liquid forms, interpreting how they resemble and shape each other. This series is dedicated to the timeless relationship of two different forms of being.

In this creative meeting taking place between Demirel and Bulak, two concepts clash and inspire each other. The stage, created by two artists, each of whom engages in a dialogue in their own language, will host the meeting of different disciplines.

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